Glenn Kirk Master Key Week 15

Well, the holidays are passed. And, although I really enjoy them, it is somewhat relieving that they are over. The last two weeks have been the worst for me as far as the class goes. I missed a few reads, and got out of the habit and repetition of doing the exercises. And I will be honest, it really started to creep up on me. I could feel myself going back to the old way of feeling and thinking. And, I don’t like it! I am glad to be getting back on track. I did receive some unsettling news however. I found out this week that a very successful home builder that I have done work for over the past 12 or 13 years has closed. It was a total shock to me. I watched the company grow from scratch, to becoming the premiere high end luxury home builder in Western Pennsylvania in a very short period. While talking with the owner of the company, he disclosed that the reason for the business closing was because the person he appointed as General Manager, who is also his son-in-law, was stealing from the company. It reached a point where the ship just could not be righted. What a shame to have something of such legacy crumble so quickly because of greed. And, as with many other instances where the teachings of this class seem to always appear at the perfect time, this was no exception. We had just finished the lesson on Harmony. How ironic. And, as part 5 of the Blueprint Builder states, “no wealth or position can long endure, unless built upon truth and justice”. This is just Natural Law following its course. I am still in shock.

Glenn Kirk Master Key Week 14

Hello fellow Master Keyers. As part of the class, I watched e movie October sky. What a great movie. For those of you not familiar, the movie is about a high school boy named Homer, who dreams of building a rocket after watching the Russian satellite Sputnick soar across the night sky. He tells his family of his decision to study and build a rocket, which brings mixed emotions. Homer deals with lots of pressure from his father to give up on his dream of building a rocket, and work in the coal mine like the rest of the folks in town. However, he doesn’t give up on his dream. He remains positive and focused, knowing that someday he will succeed. The one person that supports him from the start is his teacher, Miss Riley. He manages to find 3 other friends to help with his project, and together they mastermind, persistently testing different propellants, designs, and materials for the rocket. Many attempts to build a rocket that would sail straight up into the sky without exploding are unsuccessful. Homer’s father gets angry with him and doesn’t let him experiment on the company property. But, they found a solution. They would perform their experiments off of company property. They were so dedicated to succeed that they walked the five miles it took to leave the confines of the company land, and claimed their “launch site”. The dream was almost forgotten when the boys were forced to stop experimenting after the woods surrounding their launch site caught fire. It was assumed that one of the rockets caused the fire. The project is cancelled. Around this time, Miss Riley is hospitalized with cancer. Homer goes to visit Miss Riley, and while talking with her, she inspires him to follow through with his dream. After their talk, he is determined to find out if their rocket caused the fire. After some complex mathematical calculations, Homer was able to prove that their rocket didn’t cause the fire. This refueled the desire to successfully complete the rocket. The boys are finally successful in building a rocket that could fly straight into the sky and not self destruct. They also entered a science fair in which they received first place. A big turning point in the movie was when Homer went to see his teacher, Miss Riley, in the hospital. Had they not had that talk, I don’t believe Homer would have fulfilled his dream. It was pointed out by my fianc√© while watching the movie, that the day before was the ten year anniversary of the Sago Mine accident in West Virginia in which an explosion trapped 13 miners for nearly 2 days. Only one miner survived.

Glenn Kirk Master Key Week 13

Merry Christmas Master Keyers! I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas. This week has found more things beginning to manifest. I am on a course from which there is no turning back, and it is quite exciting. Things are really starting to fall into place. Some of the things were always there and available, but knowledge by itself does nothing! It is amazing what a little action can do. As far as action goes, I also did something this week that is long overdue. I finally bought my girlfriend of almost 9 years an engagement ring. I gave it to her on Christmas morning. I hid her gifts and made her look for them like a scavenger hunt. I provided riddles that she had to solve in order to find the gifts. It turned in to a family affair. Everyone got involved with trying to figure out the riddles. The final gift, of course, was the ring. Somehow I feel that had I not been taking this course, I may not have taken that step just yet. There is no reason why, other than it is just more proof that we get so ingrained with certain thoughts and ways of doing things that we just continue to go with the flow. The OLD blueprint. It is definitely time to break that mould.

Glenn Kirk Master Key Week 12

Hello Master Keyers. This blog is a little late in being published. Although I still have the feeling of being on a plateau of sort regarding the Master Keys, I can’t help but notice that things are staring to manifest. For each manifestation noticed, it seems that the old blueprint tries harder to hold on. It is much easier now to recognize the old way of thinking and feeling, and thus put a stop to it much sooner. As far as the feeling of being on a plateau of sort, I feel that subconsciously I must be waiting for something miraculous to happen. Something giant! It will happen. In fact, it is happening, progressively. Understanding the progression of what we are doing, I know that I must be on course. I am sure that I will have that breakthrough moment that Mark talks about. I have to remember that it is not just about the destination. The journey toward the destination is where the miracles happen.

Glenn Kirk Master Key Week 11

Hello fellow Master Keyers. Not much excitement to report this week other than the seemingly constant battle that I am having with the old blueprint. I feel the need to dig deeper. I found myself doing some of the reads this while in the woods deer hunting. What a sight that must be. Lol. This weeks lesson references some interesting philosophers such as Plato and Swedenborg. I never really learned about either of them, especially Swedenborg. I read about Swedenborg on Wikipedia. He was a very interesting person. There are many links between his writings and the Master Keys. It still amazes me that everywhere I look, everywhere I read or listen, there are references and links to what we are learning here with the Master Keys. Following our tribe call last week, I purchased a book called Instant Memory. One of our tribe members had mentioned it. I only read the first few pages, but it related so much to what we are learning that I thought I was reading the Foreword to the Master Keys. I hope this is confirmation that what I am learning is being absorbed and utilized by my all powerful mind. I will continue to dig deeper and improve in the coming week. Tomorrow is the last day of the regular antlered deer season, and I have added Og to my list of supplies needed!

Glenn Kirk Master Key Week 10

Hello fellow Master Keyers. This week was a great week for catching up on things, especially regarding the Master Keys. I did however, fail miserably on Tuesday. It started on Monday night when I went online to order prints at Walmart through their app. After placing the order, I thought about how great and convenient ordering through the app was. Immediately after placing the order, I received an email stating that my order was canceled. After calling the photo department at the Walmart location I was ordering to, they informed me that the order did process and it would be ready by the next day since it was approaching closing time for the photo department. When I arrived the next day, Tuesday, the girl behind the counter could not find my order. She proceeded to print it off for me right away. However, the order was 16 pictures shy. So after she printed the order, I went through the photos to see which ones I needed. I then tried to place another order through the online app. Once again, my order was immediately canceled. I then tried to use the kiosk in the store to process my photos. I went through the photos that she printed for me and selected the photos that were not included in the order. While doing this, I dropped a photo down between the kiosk and the table that I had my pictures set on. No problem, I will just see what photo is missing and print it again. The kiosk then appeared to freeze up on me. After asking for help and ultimately canceling the order out, the kiosk would not operate. Up until this point I was in a good mood all morning. This is when I started to get frustrated. I had to move to a new kiosk and I had trouble getting it to work. Just as I was starting to select the photos that I needed to print, my phone beeped to notify me that it was just about out of power. Now I was hurrying to try to finish before my phone powered off. Realizing that I was not going to make it in time, I asked the clerk for a power cord. After several attempts I finally finished processing my order. And, because I used the kiosk at the store, these new prints were more expensive, even though the order was originally canceled on their part. By this time, I was clearly frustrated and complaining. I realized that I needed to settle down, but it was a bit of a struggle at this point. Clear indication that my old blueprint still has some control. I did overcome it rather quickly. After paying for the purchase, I apologized to the clerk for getting upset and headed home. Three hours of the day wasted. A little irony is the fact that when I processed the pictures at the kiosk, one of the photos would not recognize. It turns out that this was the one photo that fell between the kiosk and table. Looks like I will be back at Walmart trying to retrieve it, smiling of course!

Glenn Kirk Master Key Week 9

Hello fellow Master Keyers. I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving. These weeks are passing by so fast. It is hard to believe that Christmas is right around the corner. Anyway, I’m wondering how many Master Key students refrained from shopping on Black Friday in order to protect their mental diet? The diet is getting easier, but sure enough, as soon as I let my guard slip, I seem to be starting over again. I will get there soon. I am also noticing that there are clues and hints all around us that point right at the Master Keys. Virtually all of the personal development that I have been listening to constantly relates to the system. Even the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade gave us a clue with the balloons that accompanied Santa at the end of the parade, which simply said Believe. It is amazing that I was so blind to all of these clues before starting this class. We all heard them and saw them, but we just didn’t truly understand the underlying meaning and how it related to the world within, the Universal. This would be a great requirement for graduating high school. I couldn’t imagine a better way for those kids to start their life journey?

Glenn Kirk Master Key Week 8

Hello fellow Master Keyers. This weeks blog post is late in being posted. It has been a very busy week, as I’m sure you all can relate. I’ve come to the realization that I need to make a new habit of getting up earlier in the morning to complete most of the reads before leaving for work. If I don’t, it makes it really tough to make time for them, especially the night read. By the time I get the kids to bed, I am falling asleep myself. Lol. I’m certainly not complaining, and I hope it isn’t coming off that way. I am simply relating my situation to everyone else’s. I am certainly no busier than the next person. If they can find time to complete the tasks required, then I must find the time to complete them as well. There are to be no excuses. It’s time to really dig in and keep moving forward with the progression. I have noticed more and more that every self development audio or training has parts of the Master Keys woven in the fabric of its content in some form. Once you start to get an understanding of the System, it seems to show up everywhere. It is within, and it is truly Omnipresent!

Glenn Kirk Master Key Week 7

Hello Master Keyers. Week seven has come and gone. I have noticed the 7 Laws Of The Mind entering my thoughts at certain times. And certainly well planned! Verification that a new blueprint is taking form. I have also noticed the scroll’s words echoing in my mind, offering up it’s timeless wisdom. Although this wisdom sometimes still is not completely followed, it is getting much easier to remember and apply. It does seem though, that I have hit some sort of plateau. I’m not sure if it’s because of a busier than normal work schedule distracting me, or if it is just a normal part of the process. I am interested to see what others think about this, and since I am asking for the opinions, I guess it is ok for other Master Keyers to give them. Lol. So the question is, are other Master Keyers finding that they have plateaued somewhat? Or am I the only one? I have also noticed how hard it is to stay positive when I am around negative people. It really makes it tough to stick to the mental diet. And how is one to avoid these negative people when they are all around us? I have no other choice but to think of them as a training tool to help me achieve my desired results of this experience. I should thank them for being so negative and showing me exactly how I do not want to think or act.

Glenn Kirk Master Key Week 6. Don’t let your guard down, for if you do, your old ways will devour you!

Hello fellow Master Keyers. Week 6 has proven to be the toughest one yet. Not so much for the work involved. But, for the situations in life that cause unintentioned detours. Sunday afternoon found my stepson Tyler getting life-flighted to Children’s Hospital in Pittsburgh. He has been fighting a battle with grade 4 Glioblastoma (brain cancer) for the past couple of months. After some fluids, potassium, and lots of love, he is just about ready to come back home. But since he has spent this week in the hospital, I have been getting home late at night, and thus, have missed a few of my nightly reads. I have kept up with the 2 daily reads, but have missing just the nightly reads has caused a shift back toward my old ways of thinking, and my old habits. And it was quite noticeable to myself. I have made the commitment to get back on track and to snuff out the old habits for good. I was able to see firsthand how strong this old blueprint is, and how fast it can take over if given even the slightest chance. This experience has been wonderful so far. I have noticed things falling in to place in my life, just as the system promised. Even my stepsons diagnosis this week is proof. His first follow up MRI this week showed that the tumor has shrunk about 30% in size. Since starting this class, I have never doubted that he would not make a full recovery, although I must admit, this past Sunday he had me a little scared. He will make it through this, because he is a vital part of my life, as well as an inspiration to my Master Key experience. We have been blessed with so many prayers, and it certainly shows it’s incredible strength. It is quite apparent that Tyler’s world within is not done shining!