Glenn Kirk Master Key Week 10

Hello fellow Master Keyers. This week was a great week for catching up on things, especially regarding the Master Keys. I did however, fail miserably on Tuesday. It started on Monday night when I went online to order prints at Walmart through their app. After placing the order, I thought about how great and convenient ordering through the app was. Immediately after placing the order, I received an email stating that my order was canceled. After calling the photo department at the Walmart location I was ordering to, they informed me that the order did process and it would be ready by the next day since it was approaching closing time for the photo department. When I arrived the next day, Tuesday, the girl behind the counter could not find my order. She proceeded to print it off for me right away. However, the order was 16 pictures shy. So after she printed the order, I went through the photos to see which ones I needed. I then tried to place another order through the online app. Once again, my order was immediately canceled. I then tried to use the kiosk in the store to process my photos. I went through the photos that she printed for me and selected the photos that were not included in the order. While doing this, I dropped a photo down between the kiosk and the table that I had my pictures set on. No problem, I will just see what photo is missing and print it again. The kiosk then appeared to freeze up on me. After asking for help and ultimately canceling the order out, the kiosk would not operate. Up until this point I was in a good mood all morning. This is when I started to get frustrated. I had to move to a new kiosk and I had trouble getting it to work. Just as I was starting to select the photos that I needed to print, my phone beeped to notify me that it was just about out of power. Now I was hurrying to try to finish before my phone powered off. Realizing that I was not going to make it in time, I asked the clerk for a power cord. After several attempts I finally finished processing my order. And, because I used the kiosk at the store, these new prints were more expensive, even though the order was originally canceled on their part. By this time, I was clearly frustrated and complaining. I realized that I needed to settle down, but it was a bit of a struggle at this point. Clear indication that my old blueprint still has some control. I did overcome it rather quickly. After paying for the purchase, I apologized to the clerk for getting upset and headed home. Three hours of the day wasted. A little irony is the fact that when I processed the pictures at the kiosk, one of the photos would not recognize. It turns out that this was the one photo that fell between the kiosk and table. Looks like I will be back at Walmart trying to retrieve it, smiling of course!


3 thoughts on “Glenn Kirk Master Key Week 10

  1. I feel your pain! Remember that we ALL slip up from time to time. As you said at the end, when you return, you’ll go with a smile. You can always start fresh the next day (or the next minute, really). There’s no reason to dwell on what’s behind us. Keep on smiling and these days will be fewer and further in between! 🙂


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