Glenn Kirk Master Key Week 11

Hello fellow Master Keyers. Not much excitement to report this week other than the seemingly constant battle that I am having with the old blueprint. I feel the need to dig deeper. I found myself doing some of the reads this while in the woods deer hunting. What a sight that must be. Lol. This weeks lesson references some interesting philosophers such as Plato and Swedenborg. I never really learned about either of them, especially Swedenborg. I read about Swedenborg on Wikipedia. He was a very interesting person. There are many links between his writings and the Master Keys. It still amazes me that everywhere I look, everywhere I read or listen, there are references and links to what we are learning here with the Master Keys. Following our tribe call last week, I purchased a book called Instant Memory. One of our tribe members had mentioned it. I only read the first few pages, but it related so much to what we are learning that I thought I was reading the Foreword to the Master Keys. I hope this is confirmation that what I am learning is being absorbed and utilized by my all powerful mind. I will continue to dig deeper and improve in the coming week. Tomorrow is the last day of the regular antlered deer season, and I have added Og to my list of supplies needed!


7 thoughts on “Glenn Kirk Master Key Week 11

    • Hi Chris. When I am out deer hunting, I usually stay in one spot for the entire day, so there is plenty of time to think. I didn’t however, close my eyes for a sit because I didn’t want to miss an opportunity had something come by. But I did listen to some audio trainings along with reading OG. And yes, it was quite peaceful. Do you hunt?

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      • My dad used to but I don’t. I used to go to the firing range with him, but I haven’t done that in a while. Looking forward to reading your next post. Have a great week!


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