Glenn Kirk Master Key Week 12

Hello Master Keyers. This blog is a little late in being published. Although I still have the feeling of being on a plateau of sort regarding the Master Keys, I can’t help but notice that things are staring to manifest. For each manifestation noticed, it seems that the old blueprint tries harder to hold on. It is much easier now to recognize the old way of thinking and feeling, and thus put a stop to it much sooner. As far as the feeling of being on a plateau of sort, I feel that subconsciously I must be waiting for something miraculous to happen. Something giant! It will happen. In fact, it is happening, progressively. Understanding the progression of what we are doing, I know that I must be on course. I am sure that I will have that breakthrough moment that Mark talks about. I have to remember that it is not just about the destination. The journey toward the destination is where the miracles happen.


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