Glenn Kirk Master Key Week 13

Merry Christmas Master Keyers! I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas. This week has found more things beginning to manifest. I am on a course from which there is no turning back, and it is quite exciting. Things are really starting to fall into place. Some of the things were always there and available, but knowledge by itself does nothing! It is amazing what a little action can do. As far as action goes, I also did something this week that is long overdue. I finally bought my girlfriend of almost 9 years an engagement ring. I gave it to her on Christmas morning. I hid her gifts and made her look for them like a scavenger hunt. I provided riddles that she had to solve in order to find the gifts. It turned in to a family affair. Everyone got involved with trying to figure out the riddles. The final gift, of course, was the ring. Somehow I feel that had I not been taking this course, I may not have taken that step just yet. There is no reason why, other than it is just more proof that we get so ingrained with certain thoughts and ways of doing things that we just continue to go with the flow. The OLD blueprint. It is definitely time to break that mould.


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