Glenn Kirk Master Key Week 14

Hello fellow Master Keyers. As part of the class, I watched e movie October sky. What a great movie. For those of you not familiar, the movie is about a high school boy named Homer, who dreams of building a rocket after watching the Russian satellite Sputnick soar across the night sky. He tells his family of his decision to study and build a rocket, which brings mixed emotions. Homer deals with lots of pressure from his father to give up on his dream of building a rocket, and work in the coal mine like the rest of the folks in town. However, he doesn’t give up on his dream. He remains positive and focused, knowing that someday he will succeed. The one person that supports him from the start is his teacher, Miss Riley. He manages to find 3 other friends to help with his project, and together they mastermind, persistently testing different propellants, designs, and materials for the rocket. Many attempts to build a rocket that would sail straight up into the sky without exploding are unsuccessful. Homer’s father gets angry with him and doesn’t let him experiment on the company property. But, they found a solution. They would perform their experiments off of company property. They were so dedicated to succeed that they walked the five miles it took to leave the confines of the company land, and claimed their “launch site”. The dream was almost forgotten when the boys were forced to stop experimenting after the woods surrounding their launch site caught fire. It was assumed that one of the rockets caused the fire. The project is cancelled. Around this time, Miss Riley is hospitalized with cancer. Homer goes to visit Miss Riley, and while talking with her, she inspires him to follow through with his dream. After their talk, he is determined to find out if their rocket caused the fire. After some complex mathematical calculations, Homer was able to prove that their rocket didn’t cause the fire. This refueled the desire to successfully complete the rocket. The boys are finally successful in building a rocket that could fly straight into the sky and not self destruct. They also entered a science fair in which they received first place. A big turning point in the movie was when Homer went to see his teacher, Miss Riley, in the hospital. Had they not had that talk, I don’t believe Homer would have fulfilled his dream. It was pointed out by my fiancé while watching the movie, that the day before was the ten year anniversary of the Sago Mine accident in West Virginia in which an explosion trapped 13 miners for nearly 2 days. Only one miner survived.


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