Glenn Kirk Master Key Week 8

Hello fellow Master Keyers. This weeks blog post is late in being posted. It has been a very busy week, as I’m sure you all can relate. I’ve come to the realization that I need to make a new habit of getting up earlier in the morning to complete most of the reads before leaving for work. If I don’t, it makes it really tough to make time for them, especially the night read. By the time I get the kids to bed, I am falling asleep myself. Lol. I’m certainly not complaining, and I hope it isn’t coming off that way. I am simply relating my situation to everyone else’s. I am certainly no busier than the next person. If they can find time to complete the tasks required, then I must find the time to complete them as well. There are to be no excuses. It’s time to really dig in and keep moving forward with the progression. I have noticed more and more that every self development audio or training has parts of the Master Keys woven in the fabric of its content in some form. Once you start to get an understanding of the System, it seems to show up everywhere. It is within, and it is truly Omnipresent!


Glenn Kirk Master Key Week 7

Hello Master Keyers. Week seven has come and gone. I have noticed the 7 Laws Of The Mind entering my thoughts at certain times. And certainly well planned! Verification that a new blueprint is taking form. I have also noticed the scroll’s words echoing in my mind, offering up it’s timeless wisdom. Although this wisdom sometimes still is not completely followed, it is getting much easier to remember and apply. It does seem though, that I have hit some sort of plateau. I’m not sure if it’s because of a busier than normal work schedule distracting me, or if it is just a normal part of the process. I am interested to see what others think about this, and since I am asking for the opinions, I guess it is ok for other Master Keyers to give them. Lol. So the question is, are other Master Keyers finding that they have plateaued somewhat? Or am I the only one? I have also noticed how hard it is to stay positive when I am around negative people. It really makes it tough to stick to the mental diet. And how is one to avoid these negative people when they are all around us? I have no other choice but to think of them as a training tool to help me achieve my desired results of this experience. I should thank them for being so negative and showing me exactly how I do not want to think or act.

Glenn Kirk Master Key Week 6. Don’t let your guard down, for if you do, your old ways will devour you!

Hello fellow Master Keyers. Week 6 has proven to be the toughest one yet. Not so much for the work involved. But, for the situations in life that cause unintentioned detours. Sunday afternoon found my stepson Tyler getting life-flighted to Children’s Hospital in Pittsburgh. He has been fighting a battle with grade 4 Glioblastoma (brain cancer) for the past couple of months. After some fluids, potassium, and lots of love, he is just about ready to come back home. But since he has spent this week in the hospital, I have been getting home late at night, and thus, have missed a few of my nightly reads. I have kept up with the 2 daily reads, but have missing just the nightly reads has caused a shift back toward my old ways of thinking, and my old habits. And it was quite noticeable to myself. I have made the commitment to get back on track and to snuff out the old habits for good. I was able to see firsthand how strong this old blueprint is, and how fast it can take over if given even the slightest chance. This experience has been wonderful so far. I have noticed things falling in to place in my life, just as the system promised. Even my stepsons diagnosis this week is proof. His first follow up MRI this week showed that the tumor has shrunk about 30% in size. Since starting this class, I have never doubted that he would not make a full recovery, although I must admit, this past Sunday he had me a little scared. He will make it through this, because he is a vital part of my life, as well as an inspiration to my Master Key experience. We have been blessed with so many prayers, and it certainly shows it’s incredible strength. It is quite apparent that Tyler’s world within is not done shining!

Glenn Kirk Master Key Week 5

Hello Fellow Master Key students. Week five has been a busy week. Things are starting to come together, as the Master Keys have been at work. I have been getting calls for work, which is great, heading in to the typically slower winter months. I have also started to get active in other areas of my life, and sure enough, things have started to fall in place there as well. It is quite exciting watching all of this unfold, knowing that it is all within our control. Being busy does have its drawbacks, especially with the added work required of the Master Keys. It can seem to be a chore at times to get the required reads, or other assignments completed. Such is the juggle of life between children, family, work and this incredible system. What would add to the value of this journey, would be a detailed journal of the transition into the person I am to become. But finding the discipline to add another chore to the ritual may not be the easiest thing for now. Thus, if I don’t promise to hold to it, I must not start. Each week continues to be more exciting than the next, as usual. My old blueprint is constantly trying to show its face, reinforcing to me the importance to keep up with the work required, and the reason that this is a six month process. The change to come will be well worth the effort. Have a great week fellow MKMMAer’s

Glenn Kirk Master Key Week 4

Hello fellow Master Key students. I regret to inform you that my grandfather passed away on October 17. Being able to share this experience with him, along with my DMP, has been very special to me. It is indescribable what making him a part of this experience means to me. Although it has been a busy week, I have been able to keep up with the Master Key requirements, except for today. I have read this morning, but just getting from with the service and wake today, I will read twice in order to fulfill my 3 per day promise. I have continued to notice where my old subconscious blueprint wants to take over, and for the most part, I am able to avoid having it lead to the old, undesirable result. However, I will admit, that it is still hard to dismiss the internal feelings completely. This weeks message was great. This experience is starting to really come together. I have started to get more calls for business, and I feel this is a result of the “Law Of Attraction” at work. I am really excited about where this is leading, and can’t wait to see the end result. Well, it’s getting late, and I have a lot of reading to do befor retiring for bed, in order to fulfill my daily reading promise to myself, for this “day cannot be retrieved nor can I substitute another for it”. Time to get to work on the most important thing for my successful future, myself. Talk to you next week.

Glenn Kirk Master Key Week 3 This class really hits home with me because I made my pap a promise that it appears I may not be able to keep. It is a debt that I have not repaid, and it will eat at me for a long time.

Hello Master Key friends and family. This week has been a tough one. My grandpap has been in the hospital since collapsing early in the morning of October 2. He has not waken up since. The ventilator was removed last Sunday while the Master Key class was in session. Needless to say, I was not on the live webcast. That is also the only day that I didn’t complete all of my required reading. I have since spent each night with him at the hospital, and have been able to do the required readings. I have also had the opportunity to share my BMP with my pap. Aside from my Master Key Coach Stephen, my grandpap was the first person to hear my DMP. Sharing this with him first means a great deal to me. I continue to read it to him daily, as well as the blueprint and Greatest Salesman. The keeping promises aspect of the class really hits home with me because I made my pap a promise that it appears I may not be able to keep. It is a debt that I have not re-paid, and it will eat at me for a long time. There is no excuse for my not keeping my promise. I am the only person accountable. This┬ásituation has made me believe more than ever that I need this class. I have “suffered the bruises of failure and the wounds of mediocrity” far too long, but TODAY I begin a new life! And I believe this Master Key experience will prove to be the single best decision toward personal development that I could possibly have ever made. I am learning more every day. I am able to see when my old blueprint wants to take over in certain situations, and I am able to change the course. I am starting to wake up happier, ready to take on the day. I can’t wait to see what next weeks lesson has in store for all of us. As I sit here beside my pap writing this blog, I can’t help but wish to be able to continue to share this experience with him. My regret is that I didn’t find this class sooner. It would have been great for pap to see the person that I am about to become!

Glenn Kirk Master Key Week 2

Hello fellow Master Key students. Completing week two of the Master Key System has been somewhat easier than the first week. The readings are starting to become a habit, although the midday read is my biggest struggle. This is because we don’t typically take lunch at work, and by the time I get home from work it is dinner time. So some of my midday readings are at dinner time, followed by the final reading just a couple of hours later. But, I am changing that this week. I will start taking a lunch break during the day, so that I can develop the proper reading habit that is recommended. I am also placing blue rectangles in various strategic spots so that I will have the constant reminder. This is still new enough that it definitely takes some work to remember to connect the blue rectangles to your chore cards. This is a learning process, and we all will learn little things that will help us to achieve the best results that we can with this incredible system. I am enjoying the ride so far, and it is exciting to know that this experience is going to be the launching pad for a future that is truly made up of dreams. Literally! I have also noticed instances where my subconscious was trying to revert back to the old, normal behavior that has been programmed for years, and I was able to control it for the most part. I feel that it is important that we not get too tough on ourselves when the subconscious tries to do the “old normal” thing, so long as we are able to recognize this and work to change this pattern by controlling our conscious though. I am really excited to see all of this unfold. I hope everyone has a great week, and I’m excited to see what’s in store for us in week three. Thank you for reading!