Press Release

Matt Lauer’s interview with business magnate Glenn Kirk reveals some of the secret to his success. The interview for this press release took place on a 2016 Lagoon 560 S2, somewhere in the Gulf of Mexico, where Matt Lauer accompanied Mr. Kirk and his family on part of their 3 month long voyage around America. The voyage was started off the coast of Maine, and they sailed down the eastern coast of the U.S., through the Panama Canal, up the coast of Mexico and the western U.S., to British Columbia. Mr. Kirk was accompanied on the trip with his wife Sharon, and their children. Some of the children drove along the coast, as they docked at various ports along the route to restock their food supply and to enjoy the local attractions with the family. The family enjoyed golfing, deep sea fishing, scuba diving, hiking, and various other local activities. During Matt’s 3 day interview, they docked off the coast of Belize and enjoyed a day trip through the Mayan ruins. During this trip, when asked about his success, Mr. Kirk revealed that the reason for his success was his ability to automate his businesses. His businesses were run like smooth, well oiled machines. This was accomplished by delegating the everyday tasks of running the businesses to management personnel, and sometimes by outsourcing the work altogether. This allowed Mr. Kirk’s businesses to grow exponentially, while allowing him to travel and enjoy life. Learning how to run three successful businesses didn’t happen overnight. Rather, it was a culmination of the tedious study of successful business practices, as well as a lifelong devotion to personal development. When asked about the single most important key to his success, however, Mr. Kirk credited the study of the Master Key System as being responsible for developing the desire and drive that would fuel the actions that would lead to his success. Prior to studying this System, Mr. Kirk ran a small construction company that struggled from year to year, barely managing to turn a profit. Immediately after starting the Master Key System, things began to change for Mr. Kirk. Better jobs began to come his way. He began to meet other successful business owners and entrepreneurs. When asked what the Master Key System did to directly affect these areas of his life, he stated that the Master Key System taught him not how to run his businesses, but how to in effect, run himself, and thus, his life.


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